Looking for volunteer teacher

Hello Ladies,
This is Christine Hofbauer from Upstate International, a non-profit organization promoting intercultural diversity and much more! Please check out our website for all the great things we do, including our UI Women’s Group, Language Classes, Global Awareness, Country Specific Events (Beaujolais wine tasting, Glühwein Party….:) http://www.UpstateInternational.org. Anyone can be a member.

One of the many programs we offer is foreign language classes. Our Fall semester will include over 25 classes in 7 different languages, all with native speakers. I am currently looking for a volunteer German teacher for our Wednesday evening German Intermediate class. The day/time can be adjusted. Our teachers are not necessarily certified, however, they have a passion to share their language and culture and to provide a quality learning experience. The teachers receive membership to UI, can take another regular class while they are teaching and receive a small gift card. If you are interested, please contact me at: Info@UpstateInternational.org. Feel free to pass the word on.

Vielen Dank,
Christine Hofbauer

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